There are lots of companies facing the wrath of the law when it comes to going against Nevada drug sales or manufacturing laws. This is only a proof that the law takes this category of drug crime seriously. If you are into drug production/manufacturing in one way or another, ensure to read the details of this post from beginning to the end. This is because it will be explaining the various stipulations or laws guiding drug manufacturing and sales in Nevada.

When can someone be guilty of drug manufacturing or sales in Nevada?

According to Nevada laws, someone can be guilty of this crime by taking part in the processes of drug production. It doesn’t really matter whether the individual is actively involved or not as the law usually frowns at such action.


For instance, in order for the drugs to be produced or manufactured, there are pieces of equipment needed. These are sold by individuals who can be found guilty by law for committing such a crime.

What are the penalties for drug sales or manufacturing?

Just as stated above, crimes related to drugs sales and manufacturing are seriously frowned upon by the government of Nevada. This is why they attract punishments that are strict. It should be noted that punishments meted out to an offender will always vary based on the crime itself. For instance, there are factors that the judge considers before reaching a decision on the severity of the punishment that an offender is likely to face. The major ones are:

  • Types of drugs being manufactured
  • The amount or quantity that has been produced


The fines that an offender can be ordered to pay can be around $100,000. There is also a jail term that can range from 1 – 6years.

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What ways can these penalties affect someone?

This is one aspect that most people in Nevada aren’t aware of at the moment. It is true that being charged with crimes related to drugs and manufacturing can lead to fines and imprisonment. However, there is something worse than these. This is the fact that your record will have a permanent mark. This means being deprived of experiencing the benefits which you are legally entitled to.

Can an attorney help?

Are you facing charges that are related to drugs sales or manufacturing in Nevada? There is no need to panic as an experienced attorney is what you need to adequately defend your interest in the court of law. There are lots of ways a criminal defense attorney will help turn such case in your favor once hired.


For instance, such a professional will help in reviewing all the police reports, gather all the necessary pieces of evidence and investigate whether your arrest is within the confines of the law or not. An experienced attorney is always on the mission to protect the rights of clients like you. This means your freedom will not be compromised in an unlawful way. You don’t have to handle any of those complicated and technical matters that are related to your case.