False billing charges are some of the most confusing amongst other crimes. There are people who may be guilty of them without even knowing. The worst part is that you could face the wrath of the law eventually due to lack of awareness.


The major aim of this post is to explain some hidden details about provisions of the law with regards to false billings. Just ensure to read the content from start to finish to know the importance of getting help from a professional attorney when charged with such a crime.

What is the meaning of false billing?

This is a form of insurance fraud whereby an accused is guilty of charging excessively for medical services. It involves the use of increased or false billing codes to make people pay high bills. This is a serious problem which the government is trying everything possible to bring to an end.


This form of crime is taken seriously and can attract some serious punishments when an accused is found to be guilty. One of the reasons is that it is a way through which an insurance company can be defrauded. It should be noted that this form of crime is closely related to healthcare fraud.

What are the forms of false billings?

False billing is a crime that can take different forms. They are all wilful and intentional acts of defrauding an insurance company through deception. Some of the instances when someone can be accused of false billings are double billing for similar procedure, making false information available, failure to present vital information while presenting documents, getting a patient’s medical records falsified, charges for tests, office visits and other services. According the provisions of healthcare fraud laws, these offenses are punishable.

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What are the punishments of false billings?

False billing is a crime which according to the law falls into category D felony. It can attract a jail term of 1 – 4years and $5,000 fine. Just like other crimes which involve extortion of property or money, someone charged with false billings and convicted eventually will be required to make restitution payments. Such payments will usually be made to insurance company which happens to be the victim.


The Nevada federal laws guiding false billings have punishments that are stricter. For instance, the jail term is longer while fines are higher. Under federal laws, the factor which is always considered is whether the false billing has resulted in bodily harm or not.


  • Once there is no bodily hard (or not serious) due to such billing, the jail term can be up to 10 years. This will be served in a federal prison.


  • In a situation when such bodily harm is serious as a result of the false billing, the jail term can be up to 20 years.


  • It can attract a life imprisonment when the bodily harm results in death of the victim.

There are also fines to be paid in each of the cases mentioned above.


False billing is just a federal crime but has got a liability standard of proof that is very strict. This simply implies that there doesn’t have to be any proof of your intention to get someone defrauded. Rather, the charges can be brought about by an assumption that your intention is to get the insurer defrauded.