Although there are different types of crimes in Nevada with each attracting various punishments, the crime of conspiracy isn’t usually given serious attention. Although this crime may sound simple, you may become guilty of it without adequate knowledge about what is expected of you by the law.


The major aim of this post is to reveal top facts about Nevada conspiracy laws. This is to help you get more awareness about conspiracy by providing answers to some questions which you may have about it.

What is conspiracy?

There is a legal definition for conspiracy as outlined by the law of Nevada. This is when 2 or more people come to an agreement with the aim of carrying out a purpose that is unlawful. Note that in a situation whereby crimes are committed by defendants who made an agreement (one), each of the defendants will be charged with a single count.


Nevada laws addressing crimes related to conspiracy are discussed extensively in NRS 199.480. Predicate crimes always refer to conspiracy crimes and can attract serious punishments from the law. Simply put, conspiracy has been committed when two or more individuals plan to carry out an act that isn’t in line with the provisions of the law.


Although it is required that the agreement is initiated by an act before conspiracy can be said to have taken place under federal law, such isn’t the case in Nevada law. This is explained in NRS 199.490 where it is stipulated that an over act isn’t required before a defendant can be convicted of conspiracy.

What are the punishments for conspiracy crimes?

The conspiracy crimes listed above fall under various categories. They vary in punishments to be meted out. For instance, conspiracy crimes such as arson, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery in the first or second degree fall into category B felony and can attract a jail term of 1 – 6years.


It can also be category B felony when the conspiracy has to do with committing murder. In this case, the jail term can be from 2 to 10 years. There is also a fine of $5,000.


Racketeering is a conspiracy crime that falls into category B felony with the punishment ranging from 5 – 20years imprisonment. There is also a fine that can reach $25,000. A criminal conspiracy with the intention of committing any other crime can be seen as misdemeanor by the law.

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Is there any way an attorney can help

Just as explained above, the law of Nevada sees conspiracy crimes as serious and due to such, they can attract heavy punishments. This is perhaps why you need the help of an experienced attorney who can convince the court about your innocence.


There are various methods or strategies which an experienced attorney will adopt to ensure that every charge related to conspiracy is dismissed. Providing concrete evidence to prove your innocence is a typical example. The crime of conspiracy can affect you in lots of ways which is why you should contact an attorney today.