There have been several attempts by the federal government to fight against drug related crimes over the years. Laws have been amended to ensure that those convicted face the required punishments. The problem is that most people aren’t aware of these developments. This means that they could face the wrath of the law.


This post will be revealing some facts about Nevada federal drug crimes. There is no doubt that you will find its content helpful since you will discover why the help of an attorney is needed when charged with such a crime.

The legal meaning of drug crime

As defined by the law, this is the act of manufacturing, distributing or possessing drugs which can be potentially abused. It can also be seen as being in possession of drugs that have the potentials to cause harm in various ways.

What is the difference between federal and state drug crimes?

A drug charge that is common under state and federal level is possession. This is when someone has a controlled substance. In order for an accused to be convicted of possession of drugs, the prosecutor will:

  • Provide evidence that the controlled substance is possessed intentionally
  • Show that the possessed quantity is for sale or personal use
  • Show that the drug is possessed without any valid prescription


There is also constructive possession which someone can be charged with under federal drug laws. This means that the controlled substance isn’t actually with the accused in person. For instance, the drugs can’t be found in the pocket of the accused but it has been kept in a place. It could be inside a car or locker. According to federal law, drugs that can be illegally possessed are scales, pipes, and syringes.

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How federal drug crimes can escalate

Possession is where federal drug crimes usually start from. For instance, marijuana got found in the home of the accused and this led to possession charges. If there are more plants, the government may decide to charge such person with manufacturing, trafficking and distribution of controlled substance.


It is important to note that charges related to possession aren’t serious when compared to the intent to distribute. The punishment to be faced by an accused when it comes to intent to distribute is determined by the quantity of drugs in his possession.

Are drug offenses termed as federal or state drug charges?

At both federal and state level, drugs are considered to be illegal and can either be charged as federal or state crimes. However, note that the punishments of both levels aren’t the same. For instance, when drugs are charged as crimes, the punishments can be stricter as compared to when they get charged as state crimes.


Even the smallest amount of drugs can make you get convicted at the federal level thereby leading to imprisonment. An accused can get leniency through identifying others who are involved in such a drug trade.


This is why you need the help of an attorney who understands federal and state drug crimes. Such a professional will help convince the judge of your innocence to ensure that all the charges are dismissed.