Prostitution is an act which seems to be increasing by the day in a place such as Nevada. The major question still remains whether this act is considered to be legal by the law. The truth is that there are lots of aspects about the laws of Nevada which you are yet to understand in relation to prostitution. This means you are at risk of facing legal punishments should you violate the law in one way or another.


This post will be exposing you to some of the facts about Nevada prostitution laws. The primary aim is to ensure your actions are in line with the expectations of the law in order not to fall victim and begin to suffer some legal consequences.

What you should know?

It is very important to note that amongst other states, Nevada seems to be the only one where prostitution isn’t seen as illegal. In other words, it is an act that law permits provided an individual is able to act within the confines of the constitution. This means there are limitations. For instance, prostitution is only seen as legal in brothels that are licensed. As of now, the counties where prostitution is legal are 8 in total. Some of the conditions for counties where prostitution is considered to be legal are:

  • Population must be lesser than 700,000
  • Prostitutes are made to undergo STI tests on regular basis
  • Condoms are used in the licensed brothels


When the above conditions aren’t met, the act of prostitution becomes illegal. For instance, when someone is facing prostitution charges, such crime can be grouped as misdemeanor. This is in line with the stipulations of NRS 201.354.

What is the meaning of prostitution and solicitation?

According to NRS 201.295, this is the act of getting engaged in sexual activities in exchange for payment. Sexual activities are clearly explained to be contact with oral genital or even touching a person’s intimate and sensitive organs for the purpose of sexual gratification.


When a person begins to seek for sexual conduct in order to be paid a particular amount or fee, such is referred to solicitation. In a case when the offender is below the age of 18, such crime can be increased to felony according to 201.295 (3).

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What is Pandering?

Pandering is explained in NRS 201.300 (a) as a crime committed when someone is being induced by another person to work as a prostitute. Please note that whether such an action takes place in a legal brothel or not, the law strongly prohibits it. In simple terms, the recruitment of sex workers is seen as a very serious crime.


In a situation when the person being persuaded is below the age of 18, the crime of pandering can be grouped as felony. NRS 201.340 also explains that it is a felony to transport a person from one location to another in Nevada for the purpose of making them engage in the act of prostitution.

Legal defenses

Charges for prostitution can be very serious and you may go to jail without the help of an attorney who has vast knowledge about sex crimes. A sex defense attorney will devise means such as no intent to pander