There are lots of facts that you need to understand about the stipulations of Nevada with regards to drug possession with intent to sell. This is one subject matter that has remained confusing to lots of people in Nevada. If you are one of such persons, ensure to read the details of the post from start to finish. It will be explaining every detail about drug possession with intent to sell.

What you should know ?

The first is that possession with intent to sell can also be called possession with intent of distributing drugs or possession for sale. This contains 2 major elements that will have to be explained further. Drug possession is the first of them while the second is the intent of selling the drugs itself.

What is drug possession?

When an individual gets charged with drug possession, such simply implies that drugs were found at such person’s disposal. In other words, such individual is caught holding drugs. It is also important to note that you don’t have to be holding drugs before being charged with this crime.


This is known as constructive possession. One clear instance where this crime can be said to have been committed is when the offender has knowledge about drug existence somewhere. Circumstances that are incriminating can also bring about constructive possession.

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Intent to sell or distribute

It should be noted that a crime such as drug possession is different from drug possession with intent to distribute or sell. Also, for the latter to occur, the former has to take place. The latter usually attracts punishment that are hasher as compared to the former. As a matter of fact, possession with intent to sell or distribute is usually grouped as felony. In Nevada, this crime can attract a jail term of 4years.


During forfeiture proceedings, assets connected to drug crimes can be seized. These could be vehicles, buildings, cash and others. There is also a fine of around $20,000 and loss of driver’s license of the offender. Other processes which an offender go will through are:

  • Narcotics offender registration as ordered by the law court
  • Community service
  • Counselling
  • Treatment
  • Drug education

How will an attorney help?

It should always be noted that crimes related to possession with the intent to sell aren’t taken lightly by the laws of Nevada. This is perhaps why you need to hire an experienced attorney today. This will help you avoid being wrongfully fined or sentenced. An attorney will provide evidence through the following below.


Show that you were not caught in possession of drugs. For instance, you have plans to sell 15kg of cocaine. However, it hasn’t arrived but you have been arrested by law enforcement agents and charged with possession with intent to sell. It is the duty of an experienced attorney to prove that you were not in possession of any drugs.


In cases that are looking complicated, the attorney can prove you were only holding the drugs for personal use. The punishment for these cases are less strict.