Cases related to rape are seriously frowned at by the laws of Nevada. This is perhaps why there are stipulations to ensure that strict punishments get meted out to those found to be guilty. The problem is that most people are ignorant of the law on rape related crimes.


In case you happen to be one of such persons, this is the right place to learn about Nevada rape crimes. You will also find out the ideal time to get help from a professional attorney who has vast knowledge about crimes related to sex.

What is rape?

According to NRS 200.366, rape can be defined as a situation whereby someone is subjected to sexual penetration against the victim’s will. It can also be seen as a situation whereby someone forces another into the act of the sex. Before the crime of rape can be said to have occurred, there has to be proofs showing that such action was done against the victim’s will.

Is there any penalty for rape crime?

According to the law of Nevada, rape crimes are grouped as category A felony. This means they are serious and can be a jail term of life imprisonment when found guilty. There are certain factors that are to be considered by the judge in such an instance. These could be whether there has been substantial bodily harm, the victim’s age, and also whether the offender had been convicted in the past for such crime. All of these factors put together will determine the jail term an offender will get at the end of the trial.

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What is statutory rape?

According Nevada law, statutory rape has been committed when someone who is 18years or older engages in sexual intercourse with person who is below the age of 16. Simply put, it is the act of engaging in sexual intercourse with children. In Nevada, this is referred to statutory sexual seduction. They are seen as gross misdemeanor.


This is a serious crime as stipulated in NRS 200.366, 200.508. It should be noted that when accused of statutory rape, it is not relevant for the judge to consider whether such act was consented by the victim or not. This means there is a high chance of you being convicted of this sexual crime. When convicted, you could face up to one year in prison with a fine of around $2,000.

What is sex offender registry?

A sex offender in Nevada is an individual who has been convicted with any sexual offense in the past as listed out by section 179D.097. Sex offender registry is a system whereby the activities of sex offenders are closely monitored. There are lots of long term implications when you are convicted and ordered to go through a process of sex offender registry. Your rights as a citizen will be limited in various ways.


Is there any legal defense?

If you are being charged with a sexual crime such as rape, it is important you get help from a professional attorney on time. Such an expert will help ensure every evidence is presented before the judge to confirm your innocence