There are lots of people who are confused about misdemeanor charges and the punishments which they can attract according to Nevada laws. It is important that you have awareness about these charges with a view to knowing how a professional attorney can be of great help.


The major aim of this post will be to reveal some unknown facts about misdemeanor charges in line with the laws of Nevada. There is no doubt that you will not only understand what the charges entail but also how to find an experienced an attorney to have them dismissed.

What does misdemeanor mean?

It is a criminal offense that is seen as lesser according to the law. In this form of crime, the maximum jail term is always one year. There are instances when it can be even lesser. Misdemeanor can be classified into 2 categories. These are misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor.


According to the provisions of Nevada laws, punishments that gross misdemeanors attract are harsher than those of misdemeanors. An example of when someone is charged with gross misdemeanor can be indecent exposure, gross or opened lewdness, and stalking. When charged with gross misdemeanors, the jail term can be 356 days (1year) with a fine of $2,000.

What are misdemeanor punishments?

The laws of Nevada considers gross misdemeanor to be more serious therefore attracting punishments that are harsher. This is why offenders who have been convicted of misdemeanor are likely to face punishments such as 6months jail term and a fine of $1,000. There are instances when they can face both punishments (jail term and fine).

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What are the common misdemeanor charges?

In line with the provisions of Nevada laws, some of the most common misdemeanor charges are: assault (NRS §200.47), battery (NRS §200.390), DUI (NRS § 200.485), prostitution (NRS § 201.354), Trespass (NRS § 207.200), Shoplifting (NRS § 205.08321, Resisting Arrest (NRS §200.390), Traffic Tickets (NRS § 480.230), and vandalism.

Can misdemeanor affect my records?

Misdemeanor related crimes can negatively affect your records. Also, if you get arrested for a similar crime, you may face punishments that are stricter. This kind of crime can reflect on your record whenever you tend to be applying for college scholarships, loans, jobs and others. It means your chances of being accepted will be greatly limited.


According to the laws of Nevada, the waiting period for gross misdemeanor is 2years. In the case of misdemeanor, it is 12months.

How can an attorney help?

In order to affect a situation where you get convicted of misdemeanor, it is important you seek the help of an experienced misdemeanor defense attorney in Nevada. Cases like these may not be considered serious as compared to felonies. However, they can affect your life in a negative way. For instance, you can’t own firearms and your driver’s licence may be suspended. In some cases, you may even be required to go through sex offender registration processes. If you face federal charges, these will definitely have an impact.


This is the reason why you need to be represented properly before judge. An experienced misdemeanor defense attorney will help to ensure that your innocence is proven in the law court.