Drug crimes in Nevada are very technical and complicated. You could have problems with the law without even knowing. The reason for this is that it has a broad nature. This can be traced to the different drug law classifications as well as various controlled substances.


This post will be aiming to reveal facts about Nevada drug crimes. There is no doubt that having a better understanding about the various drug crimes in Nevada will help you know the right time to hire an experienced attorney.

What are the types of drug crimes?

Just as stated above, drug crimes are classified under different categories. Some of these will be highlighted and briefly discussed below:


This drug crime is considered the least amongst others according to laws of Nevada. It is committed when there is unlawful possession of any control substance. This means you are making use of such substance through one means or another. There are instances when this form of drug crime is questionable though. A typical example is when the controlled substance is found inside a vehicle or any public surrounding.


Drug Trafficking

This is the act of selling any controlled substance. It is considered to be illegal according to the law and attracts severe punishments than the possession crime being stated above. Law enforcement agents can use the quantity found in your possession during trials in the court of law.



This is considered to be the starting point of most drugs which are considered to be illegal by the law in Nevada today. This form of drug crime is seriously frowned at by the law and can lead to lengthy years of imprisonment. It is the act of producing controlled or illegal substances. An accused can face the wrath of the law by having materials that aid production of such substances.


Counterfeit Substances

According to the law, these are substances which have some similarities with controlled substances. It is also an illegal act and can attract severe punishment (1 – 6years) once you’re found to be guilty. Repeat offenders are likely to face punishments that are more severe.  



It should be noted that whether a drug crime will be seen as misdemeanor or felony is going to be mostly determined by the amount of evidence found at your disposal. For instance, when the amount of cocaine found in your possession is considered to be nominal, such can be seen by the law as misdemeanor.

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How can an attorney help?

When it comes to drug crimes, you need an experienced attorney who has proven to be very knowledgeable in handling related crimes. Such a professional will help you navigate all the difficult areas of the law.

Don’t forget that if you ever get convicted, such can affect your records in various ways. This means you will be deprived of various benefits that you would have been entitled to by the law. An experienced attorney will help provide tangible evidence to the court. This is to prove your innocence and ensure that every accusation against you is gotten rid of.