Facts You Should Know About Nevada Gun Laws

There are lots of aspects about Nevada gun charges which most people are yet to understand. It is very important that you have an in-depth understanding in order to know when you’ve gone against the stipulations of Nevada laws. This post will be explaining every detail about Nevada gun charges. Just ensure to read its content from start to finish in order to know what the law expects of you with regards to firearms possession.

What is a concealed weapon?

Weapons or guns are said to be concealed once they aren’t observable. They are weapons that aren’t obvious to public eyes. For instance, they’ve been covered with a piece of cloth. According to Nevada laws, these weapons could be rifles, shotguns, guns, knives, machetes, daggers, and explosive substances. Although it is illegal to carry some concealed weapons around in Nevada, concealed guns can be allowed when you have obtained a CCW permit.

Nevada laws VS Federal Laws

The case of issuing permits for firearms isn’t addressed by federal. However, the law of Nevada requires that individuals who carry firearms around should have CCW permit. It should be noted that in such an instance, Nevada laws will always supersede the federal laws.

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Is there any charge for illegal gun possession?

In line with the laws of Nevada, carrying a gun or any other concealed weapon without permit as stated above is considered as a very serious crime. It is categorized as Category C felony and can attract a jail term of 1 – 5years. There is also a fine that can amount to around $10,000.

Are there any group of persons who can’t hold firearms?

In Nevada, there are specified groups of people who aren’t allowed by the law to be in possession of firearms. These are drug addicts, mentally ill individuals, illegal immigrants, fugitives from justice, and ex – felon. It should be noted that legal immigrants can still be in possession of concealed weapon. There are certain factors that need to be considered though.   


According to NRS 202.360, when someone who has been convicted of felony charges in the past is charged with possession of firearms, such can be categorized as Category B felony. The jail term can range from 1 – 6years.

Is there any punishment for being in possession of firearms without permit?

Being in possession of a firearm without the required permit is similar to driving on the road without your license. If you have the permit but failed to carry it for one reason or the other, such can attract a fine of $25. However, you may face felony charges when there is no permit.

Can gun ownership be affected by a misdemeanor?

There are some misdemeanor convictions that can affect your gun ownership status in Nevada. For instance, if you’ve been convicted of battery domestic violence in the past, the law doesn’t permit or allow you to possess firearms.

Can a gun permit application be denied?

There are instances where application for gun permit will be disallowed. These are false statements or claims on such application, felony conviction, currently on probation or parole, pending criminal charges, being declared insane or incompetent by the judiciary and outstanding arrest warrant.