NRS 179D.550 talks about the punishments to be meted out to those who fail to register as sex offenders as directed by the law. This is one crime that most people in Nevada are yet have in – depth understanding about. Not having knowledge about this can be dangerous given that you may go against the law without knowing.


This post will be revealing some important details about the topic of failure to register as sex offender in line with the laws of Nevada. Just ensure to read every detail in order to know the ideal time to get help from a professional criminal defense attorney.

What is sex offender registry?

This is a system which has been designed to ensure that sex offenders are tracked. Sex offender registration becomes a legal requirement when you’ve been convicted of some sex crimes like sex trafficking, prostitution, open and gross lewdness, sexual assault, and child pornography. You will get notifications about registration requirement.

When can someone be guilty of this crime?

In line with the stipulations of Nevada laws, there are four (4) instances, when someone can be found to be guilty of failure to register as sex offender. These will be listed below:

  • When you fail to undergo this registration within the stipulated time as ordered by the judge, you will then be guilty of failure to register as sex offender. This is a serious crime that comes with strict punishments. The time is usually 48hours.
  • When your name is changed or you decide to move over to another state without getting the appropriate authorities notified about such changes.
  • When false details have been provided to authorities.
  • Failure to get annual forms completed in order to notify the authorities about your whereabouts and activities.

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What are the penalties for this crime?

The first thing you need to understand is that the crime of failure to register as sex offender is one that is considered as strict liability. This simply implies that it doesn’t matter whether such registration has been ignored intentionally or not as you can still face penalties. This is perhaps why it is important the information is filled as required.


For first time offenders, failure to register as sex offender is usually grouped as category B felony. It attracts a jail/prison term of 1 – 4years including a fine about around $5,000.


Failure to register again within a period of 7years will be grouped under category C felony. This will attract a jail/prison term of 1 – 5years and possible fine of $10,000. Note that in case of the second offense, probation cannot be granted by the judge.

Is there any legal defense?

Failure to register as sex offender is a crime that can have some long term consequences. Most crimes will allow you get on after completing your jail term. However, this crime can haunt you for years to come even when the case has been closed.


This is why you need an experienced sex crime attorney that can help you out. Such a professional will carry out all the investigations necessary to prove to the judge about your innocence.