There are lots of ways an offender who is being accused of child pornography can suffer. This is a proof that such a crime isn’t taken lightly by the government of Nevada. In most of the cases, maximum penalties are being requested by persecutors from judges.


The major aim of this post will be to reveal the vital aspects of Nevada child pornography laws. You will understand the legal consequences that can follow and also the need to get an attorney.

The meaning of child pornography

According to the law of Nevada, child pornography can simply be defined as those sexual activities that are involving minors. Through child pornography laws, activities such as these are prohibited. It could be possession, production or even production of items where minors are depicted in a sexual way. It should be noted that whether at federal or state level, child pornography is a very serious crime that attracts severe punishments.

What actually constitute child pornography?

This crime has been broken down or divided into different categories according to the laws of Nevada.

  • In line with the stipulations of NRS 200.720 and NRS 200.710, child pornography has been committed when someone decides to promote those sexual activities that involve a minor.


  • NRS 200.725 also clearly explains that preparing, advertising or distributing pornographic materials where minors are being depicted also constitute sexual pornography.


  • NRS 200.730 explains it to be the unlawful possession of pornographic videos or films that involve children under the age of 16years.

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What are the penalties for child pornography?

Just as explained above, this is a serious crime according to the law. If you are guilty of child pornography according to NRS 200.720 and NRS 200.710, such can be grouped as category A felony. The punishments are listed below:


For minors who are 14years or older, you can be sentenced to life imprisonment. Although there is a parole option, this can only take effect after 5 years must have been served. There is also a fine of $100,000.


For minors who are not up to 14years, you can be sentenced to life imprisonment. There is also the option of parole but this can only take affect after 10 years must have been served. There is also a possible fine of around $100,000.


According to the stipulations of NRS 200.730, child pornography involving children who are under the age of 16 can be grouped as category B felony. The jail term can range from 1 – 6years and fine of around $5,000. This is for first time offenders though.


Subsequent crime will be treated as category A felony with a jail term ranging from 1year to life imprisonment.

What are the child pornography defenses?

Child pornography cases are very sensitive and you could be jailed when found guilty. This is why you need an experienced defense attorney. Such a professional can convince the judge that:


  • You weren’t aware that such materials were in your PC in the first instance
  • Such child pornographic materials got uploaded into your system via virus attack