Most people in Nevada believe that DUI laws are only related to alcohol. This is very far from the truth as these laws are broader and more complicated than you can imagine. Being ignorant of them can put you in serious legal trouble.


This post will be explaining everything you need to know about Nevada DUI drug laws. You will eventually discover the provisions of the law and when the help of an attorney is needed

What is DUI?

As it relates to drugs, this is the act of driving a car while being influenced by drugs. It is a serious crime in Nevada and can lead to strict punishments being meted out to a defendant when found guilty. Drugged driving can attract penalties like suspension of license, high fines and serving of jail terms. It is important you know that the law of Nevada sees this crime from two angles or perspectives.


The first is that the individual is guilty of drugged driving. This is a situation whereby driving is being impaired by illegal drugs. According to the law, the substance in the person’s system makes him to drive in a way that is unsafe.


The second instance is when there is an amount of illegal drugs found in the blood of such individual. It can also be in the urine of the individual. These could be illegal drugs like Phencyclidine, Methamphetamine, Cocaine metabolite, Amphetamine, Cocaine and others.

What you should know

Please note that the amount required in blood and urine are different. For instance, while it is required that the amount of cocaine expected to found in the urine of an individual before being charged with DUI is 500nanograms, the amount in the blood should be 100nanograms.

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The arrest

Once you are suspected to be driving under the influence of drugs, you will be pulled over and made to undergo a series of tests such as preliminary breath test and field sobriety tests. Failing the latter test is a sign that your system contains some amount of prohibited substances. This will lead to further investigation.

What are the various DUI drugs penalties in Nevada?

The crime of drugged driving is usually grouped under misdemeanor. It automatically gets grouped as felony when the individual is facing charges for the third time or such an act has led to serious injury or death of someone. In the first instance of being charged with DUI for the third time, there is a jail term of 1 – 6years (with fines of $2000 – $5000). Once it becomes a felony, the jail term can be 2 – 20years (including fines of fines of $2000 – $5000).

What are the defenses for DUI?

There are lots of ways a defense attorney can help you when facing DUI charges. These could be:

  • Proving that the testing equipment is faulty
  • Drugs were only ingested when the vehicle had been stopped by the driver
  • Proving that no traffic violation has been committed before the driver was pulled over by the police