The topic of indecent exposure has always remained complicated and confusing to lots of people in Nevada. This is perhaps why many people are going against the law without even being aware of the consequences of such actions.


This post will be aiming to explain Nevada indecent exposure laws and the possible punishments that will follow when they are violated. There is no doubt that you will definitely understand the ideal time to call for the help of a defense attorney whenever necessary.

Meaning of indecent exposure

This is a situation when someone’s anus or genitalia is exposed for the public to see. Indecent exposure is also known as obscure exposure and is highly prohibited by the laws of Nevada. Even when such parts of the body are exposed in private, it becomes a crime once people are seeing them through the window.


It should be noted that the law is vague when it comes to body parts which can be seen as indecent. However, there are a few examples to ensure better understanding. For instance, a woman can be arrested for showing her breasts in public most especially once she isn’t breastfeeding any child. Most people who fall victim of indecent exposure laws are exhibitionists, flashers or those who are involved in various public sexual activities.

What are the possible penalties?

Indecent exposure is a crime in Nevada that can either be grouped as category D felony or misdemeanor. It is all going to be depending on whether you have been convicted of such crime in the past or not.


For instance, a first offence will be seen as misdemeanor and can attract a jail term of 1year. Subsequent offenses are grouped as category D felony and can attract a jail term of 4years imprisonment.

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Are there any plea bargains?

It is possible for prosecutor to get any charges against you reduced to misdemeanor. This could be seen as disorderly conduct. The benefit of this is that there is no sex offender registration. Please note that this process can only be effectively carried out by a professional defense attorney.


There are instances when an attorney can even convince the judge beyond every reasonable doubt that the evidence presented against you isn’t sufficient enough. This can make such charges to be completely dismissed.

What are the possible defenses?

The importance of using an attorney who understands sex crimes can hardly be overemphasized. If you are charged with violation of provisions of NRS 201.220, an attorney can adopt some strategies to ensure such charges are dropped. Some of them are:



This is the act of trying to convince the judge that the wrong person has been arrested.

False accusations

This is the act of presenting evidence that you have been falsely accused. In other words, your arrest has some hidden motive.


Legal exposure

This is showing evidence that the exposure is legal. For instance, it could be putting a bikini that covers your genitalia.


Accidental exposure

An experienced defense attorney will show that such exposure isn’t intentional in any way.