Lewdness with a minor isn’t only considered to be immoral as it can also have some serious legal consequences when found guilty. This is a crime that most people in Nevada are still unaware of even though the punishments can be very severe in lots of ways.


This post will be explaining Nevada laws on lewdness with a minor. The aim is to enable you understand how to use the help of an experienced attorney when being falsely accused.

What you need to know

It is important you understand the fact that lewdness with someone under the age of 14 is a serious crime. According to the stipulations of Nevada, this is the act of child molestation. There are instances when it can also be referred to as child sexual abuse. Just like any other criminal charge in Nevada, you cannot be convicted until when found to be guilty of this crime.


Please note that lewdness with a minor isn’t the same as sexual assault. The former is considered to be more serious than the latter. As such, it can attract punishments that are stricter. NRS 201.230 explains it to be a crime that is committed when someone commits a lascivious act. There is an intent to fulfil sexual desire.

What is the difference between lewdness and statutory rape?

These are two different legal terms. For instance, in the case of statutory rape, there is penetration while in lewdness, there is nothing as such. Lewdness may not need to involve the body’s private parts/organs before you can be convicted. For instance, you decided to touch a child’s thigh and this leads to the child being sexually stimulated. An act such as this can make you face lewd charges.

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What are the penalties for lewdness with a minor?

Just as explained above, cases related to lewdness with minors aren’t taken lightly by the government of Nevada. For instance, the law groups such crime as felony. Being found to be guilty of such crime will bring severe punishments. First offense is usually grouped as category A felony. It can attract life imprisonment and minimum fine of around $10,000. This is in a case whereby the minor is below 14years.


You will also be requested to go through the process of sex offender registration. Although there is the possibility of a parole, such is only available to those who haven’t been convicted of any sex charge in the past.


When the minor is 15 or 16years of age, such a crime will be grouped as category B felony. The jail term will be 1 -10years with a possible fine of around $10,000. You will also be required to register as sex offender.

Is there any defense for this charge?

Are you being accused of Lewdness with a minor? Do you know that being charged and convicted is a stigma that you will have to live with for the rest of your life? This is why need an experience sex crime defense attorney to ensure your interest is well – represented in the court of law. Such a professional will provide evidence that will prove your innocence before the law court.