Allegations relating to any form of lewd act is always considered to be a serious crime according to the law of Nevada. In other words, such crimes aren’t taken lightly in any way as offenders are always made to face strict punishments.


This post will be revealing some of the top facts that you need to know about open and gross lewdness. There is no doubt that the details below will help you know what the laws of Nevada expect of you at every given point in time regarding lewdness.

What is the meaning of open and gross lewdness?

According to NSR 201.210, this is an act whereby a person’s private parts are exposed in public in such a way that others find to be offensive. It can also be defined to mean engaging in sexual activities in the public. Basically speaking, this act is one that is carried out in public places or locations.


A typical example is when John and Mary decided to attend a party in a nightclub. In the course of the party, they became drunk and started having sex in the midst of others. This is a serious offense that the law usually frowns at. Other examples of this crime are:


  • Masturbating in public locations
  • When a guy is trying to flirt with a lady in public. This can also be called intentional touching. It becomes a crime when such touching isn’t with the consent of the latter
  • Making out in locations where people usually gather/hang out


It should be noted that Nevada law sees public breastfeeding as legal.

What are the penalties?

Just as explained above, this crime is usually serious and you can be sentenced to jail if found guilty by the judge. Punishments for Open and Gross Lewdness usually range from those associated with misdemeanor to felony. It all depends on whether the offender has been convicted of such crime in the past or not.


For instance, in the example of John and Mary above that were arrested for removing their clothes and having sex in public, such a crime can be grouped as misdemeanor if they are first offenders. This can lead to both of them facing a jail term of 1year. There is also a fine of $2000, and they will be ordered to go through the process of sex offender registration.


In case this isn’t the first time they are being convicted of open and gross Lewdness, such a crime can be grouped as felony. The punishment is 1 – 4years jail term and a fine of around $5,000. They will also be ordered to go through the process of sex offender registration.

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Are there any legal defenses?

In order not to be convicted of a crime such as open and gross lewdness, you need an experienced attorney who understands sexual crimes. Such an attorney will devise some effective defense strategies to avoid you from being sentenced to jail.  For instance, your sex defense attorney can prove that there is insufficient evidence. Such a professional can also prove that there wasn’t any search warrant.