It is dangerous to be facing sex crime allegations. This is because the punishments can be very serious. For instance, a rape crime is next to murder and the punishments aren’t light in any way. It is very important that you become aware of the various sex crime laws in Nevada. This will help you decide whether an experienced attorney is needed or not.

What is a sex crime?

This is a crime whereby there is a sexual motive or sexual assault. Whether the case is grouped as misdemeanor or felony, it becomes a sex crime once there are sexual components involved. There are instances whereby persons who have been convicted of sex crimes are ordered to register as sex offenders. This depends on the charge though.

Types of sex crimes

There are different types of sex crimes in Nevada. Some of them will be listed and briefly explained below for your understanding.  


Sexual assault

This can also be known as rape. In line with NRS 200.366, it is a crime whereby there is sexual penetration without the consent of one party. In a nutshell, it is an act that is carried out against the victim’s will. According to Nevada law, this is an illegal act which can attract serious punishments. It can be grouped as category A felony with the possibility of life imprisonment. This depends on whether the victim sustained serious bodily harm or not.


Statutory rape

This can also be referred to as statutory sexual seduction according to NRS 200.364. It is a crime that can be said to have occurred when the victim is below 16years. This crime is grouped as category B felony and can lead to imprisonment of 1 – 10years. There is also a fine of around $10,000.


In a situation whereby the perpetrator has committed sexual assault in the past, the punishments may be more severe.


Gross lewdness

This is explained in NRS 201.210 as cases where there are consensual contacts in public. It isn’t a case of penetrative sex like the ones mentioned above. For first time offenders, this form of sex crime is grouped as misdemeanor thereby attracting a jail term of 1year.


For subsequent offenses, it will be grouped as category D felony thereby attracting a jail term of 1 – 4years. There is a possible fine of $5,000.

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Lewdness with a child below the age of 16

According to NRS 201.230, this is a crime whereby an adult begins to touch a child that is below 16years of age for sexual gratification purpose. Unless a sexual organ is touched, it is not relevant. Depending on the child’s age, this crime can be grouped as either category B felony or category A felony.


This is when sexual favors are being traded for money. First time offenses are usually grouped as misdemeanors

Why you need a defense attorne?

Trying to underestimate a sex charge will cause you more harm than good in the long run. Such can make you serve a prison term or even permanently put your name in the sex offender registry of Nevada. This is why you need the expertise of a professional attorney who will defend your interest in the court of law.