There are lots of aspects about Nevada drug crimes which aren’t clear to many people. One of them is paraphernalia possession. The risk of this is that you can go against the stipulations of the law without knowing. Being ignorant of the law isn’t an excuse. This is perhaps why you need to know every detail about this aspect of the law today.


This post will be aiming to reveal facts about Paraphernalia possession in Nevada. Just ensure to read through in order to know the right time where the help of a professional criminal defense attorney will be needed.

What is drug paraphernalia?

In line with the stipulations of Nevada laws, drug paraphernalia are equipment, materials, products which have been designed for or used in the consumption of drugs that are illegal. The intent to use such items will also fall into this category. It can also be seen as activities such as storing, manufacturing, growing, cultivating, propagating and planting of any controlled substance. It can be seen that the definition is very broad regarding this crime. This can make someone easily become a victim of the law.

Is drug paraphernalia illegal in Nevada?

The possession of drug paraphernalia is considered to be illegal according to laws of Nevada. Although it is a crime that can be categorized as misdemeanor, there are instances when stricter punishments may be meted out to offenders. It isn’t seen as a felony charge though.

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What comprises Drug Paraphernalia in Nevada?

In most cases, people who are considered to be guilty of this crime are usually caught in possession of pipes which are used in the ingestion of marijuana or methamphetamine. However, note that marijuana possession isn’t illegal anymore since 2017. There are drug paraphernalia which the laws of Nevada still consider to be illegal. These are:


  • Cocaine vials
  • Kits used in growing marijuana
  • Kits for drug testing
  • Substances used in cutting cocaine
  • Water pipes
  • Cocaine spoons

What are the legal punishments for drug paraphernalia?

When you are caught in possession of drug paraphernalia, such can be grouped under category D felony. There is a fine of around $5,000 and jail term of 1 – 2years. This is in a case that is related to manufacture, delivery or sale.


When the crime is committed by individuals within 18years of age (or younger), there is stricter punishment. This crime is grouped under category C felony and can attract a fine of around $10,000 with jail term of 1 – 5years.

How can an attorney help?

When it comes to possession of drug paraphernalia, there are lots of ways an experienced attorney will be able to help out. For instance, such a professional will be able to convince the court judge beyond every reasonable doubt that you were only possessing the drug paraphernalia for personal use. This can attract punishments that are less severe as compared to being guilty of distributing or delivering it. A criminal defense attorney can also provide evidence that will help to dismiss every allegation against you.