Sex trafficking seems to be a rampant crime in Nevada. This is perhaps why it is seriously frowned at by the law. If you ever get convicted of this crime, you may likely face a long jail term. The major aim of this post is to explain some details about Nevada sex trafficking laws. This will help you know the importance of getting an experienced defense attorney.

What you should know?

The first thing to note about sex trafficking crime is that regardless of the level (state or federal), it is illegal. This means the penalties are strict when convicted. There are instances when an offender can be sentenced to life imprisonment. Such an individual can also serve decades in state prison. It all depends on the individual’s conduct as well as other factors.

What is sex trafficking?

According to RS 201.300, sex trafficking is the crime whereby someone is being forced into acting as a prostitute. It could be in the form of inducing, transporting, threat, intimidation, force, violence, recruits and others. It can be becoming a prostitute for money or even something of value.


Note that when it comes to sex trafficking of children and adults, there are different standards as operated by the law of Nevada. For instance, you can be convicted of sex trafficking (in the case of a child) even when force isn’t used on a child.

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What are the legal penalties?

Just as said above, sex trafficking is a serious crime and can attract very strict punishments. For instance, when you are found guilty to have induced an adult person to become a prostitute, such is usually categorized under category C felony.


In a situation whereby an adult is being trafficked, such a crime can fall into category B felony thereby attracting a jail term ranging from 3 – 10years. There is also a possible fine of around $10,000.


It becomes a category A felony when the victim is under 14years. The defendant in this case can be sentenced to a minimum of 15years in prison and maximum of life in prison. Upon conviction, there is a possible fine of around $20,000.


In a situation whereby the victim is between 14 and 16years, it will also be seen as category A felony with a jail term of life in prison. However, there is likely to be a parole after about 10years. There is a fine of around $10,000. The punishment is the same when the victim is between 16 – 18 years. However, the difference is that there will the chance of parole after about 5years.

How an attorney can help ?

There are lots of things you need to know about sex trafficking related crimes. For instance, probation or suspended sentence can’t be granted when the defendant has already been convicted. Furthermore, whether the victim consented to such an act will not be considered by the judge. Also, claiming not know the victim’s age isn’t a defense.


This is why you have to call a sexual crime defense attorney today. Such a professional will begin to gather all the necessary evidence for your freedom. Don’t forget that being convicted can dent your record in many ways.