Despite marijuana being legalized in the state of Nevada in 2017, there are some aspects which are still unclear to most people. It is important you understand these aspects about marijuana in order not to face the wrath of the law which can bring about possible fines and imprisonment.


There is no need trying to look for where to find such details as this post will be providing some comprehensive pieces of information about marijuana laws in Nevada.

Is everyone allowed to use marijuana?

Although marijuana has been legalized, it is important to understand that there is still restriction on some age groups. For instance, if you are below the age of 21years, the law doesn’t permit you to purchase marijuana. You will need to submit a valid passport, ID, driver’s license (government – issued) during the process of buying it.


Please note that there are still restrictions for those who are 21years and above as regards to how marijuana is used. For instance, the maximum amount you are allowed to be in possession of is 1oz. It should also be used in private residences.

Is there any punishment when these laws are prohibited?

Those who prohibit the marijuana laws in Nevada usually face serious punishments. These will vary based on the offence. Some of them will be listed below:


Its uses

Although the law permits marijuana to be purchased and used for recreational purposes, it is not allowed to be smoked in a public place. This can be grouped as misdemeanor and will attract a fine of around $600. Even your consumption of marijuana isn’t expected to go beyond 2.5ounces within 2weeks.


Please note that tourists aren’t allowed to use it in hotels. There are instances when hotels may allow tourists to make use of marijuana in their rented rooms. Also, it can only be used in private vehicles.



When an individual is caught with over 1oz of marijuana, this is usually categorized under category E felony. It can lead to probation.

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This is also known as driving under the influence. It occurs when an individual is caught driving under marijuana influence. It can be categorized as misdemeanor thereby leading to fines for a first offence. However, subsequent offences will attracter punishments that are stricter.


The growing of marijuana is only allowed and permitted to be carried out by licensed and registered dispensaries. An offender can be charged up to $600 when found guilty. There are exceptions to this case though. For instance, 6 plans can be grown by those who are living over 25miles away from any registered dispensary.


Sales of marijuana is only legal for licensed dispensaries. Any first time offence can be grouped as category B felony. It can attract up to 6years imprisonment.

How can an attorney help?

Based on the above facts, it is obvious that marijuana laws are broad and complicated. This means you may broke the law without knowing. This is where the help of a professional attorney will be needed. Such an expert will help provide evidence to show that you are innocent thereby avoiding any fine or imprisonment.