In Nevada, there are various categories of theft crimes and these can be very confusing especially to the average individual. According to the law, theft crimes in Nevada usually fall into either of two categories. These are crimes against property or crimes against a person.


The major aim of this post is to explain the various theft crimes in line with the laws of Nevada. These are to provide a detailed explanation of each including the punishment that they do attract when someone gets convicted.

Petit Larceny

According to NRS 205.240, this is the taking of property or money intentionally without the permission of the owner. The law of Nevada sees this crime as misdemeanor and can attract a jail term of about 6 months. There is also a fine of around $1,000. It should be noted that before a crime is categorized as petit larceny, the value of the stolen item must be less than $650.

Grand Larceny

This theft crime is addressed in NRS 205.220. It has similar meaning to petit larceny explained above. The only difference is that the stolen item must be valued at over $650 before the law will consider such a crime as grand larceny. It falls under category C felony with restitution being required. There is a jail term of 1 – 5years with fine of around $10,000.


This crime can fall under category B felony when the stolen property is valued at over $3500. In this case, the jail term can be 1 – 10years with a fine of $10,000.

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This theft crime is addressed in NRS 205.240 and NRS 205.220 of Nevada law. It is considered as larceny and treated as either grand or petit larceny depending on the value of the property which has been stolen.

Stealing from Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

This is the withdrawing of funds from an ATM through a card or device which belongs to another individual. In line with NRS 205.220, this can also be seen as grand larceny therefore attracting similar punishments as stipulated by the law.


This is the act of entering a vehicle or building intentionally with the aim of committing grand or petit larceny, battery or assault or even felony. Crimes related to burglary are addressed in NRS 205.060.


Burglary related crimes fall under Category B felony. The punishment that it attracts will be determined by whether the accused was in possession of firearms or not during the crime scene. Once it doesn’t involve being in possession of firearms, the jail term can be 10 years with a fine of $10,000. In a case when the accused is in possession of firearms during the crime scene, the jail term is 15 years and $10,000 fine.


Robbery is a theft crime that is addressed in NRS 200.380. This is a crime committed against someone. It is the act of taking someone’s property in an unlawful way. It falls under Category B felony and can attract a jail term of 15 years. If you get convicted of this crime, it is possible for such record to be sealed after a period of 10years.

Car Theft

Car theft falls under Grand Larceny and it is the act of intentionally stealing a car owned by someone else. When the value of such car isn’t up to $3,500, the law sees such crime as ca Category C felony. This can attract a jail term of 5years and $10,000 fine.


It will be seen as Category B felony once the value of such car is over $3500. The jail term can be up to 10years with $10,000 fine.