Extortion isn’t just a Nevada state crime but also a federal crime. It is a serious crime that can attract harsh punishments according to the provisions of the law. The problem is that most people aren’t aware of what it is and as a result usually become victims eventually thereby serving jail terms that would have been avoided.


The major aim of this post is to reveal details about Federal extortion laws. These facts will help you know why the help of an attorney is needed to get such charges dismissed.

What is extortion?

The legal definition of extortion is when someone’s reputation, health or property is being threatened by another with the intention of gaining influence or money. The legal term that is being used to describe extortion is blackmail and it is a serious offence.


Some of the examples of extortion are the act of getting falsely accused of committing a crime, having someone injured, libel (false publication), exposing someone’s secret, and exposing a person to public shame. When these actions are carried out with the intention of gaining influence, property or making money, such an individual can be charged and convicted with extortion.


Another form of extortion is when people are made to believe that their property will be damaged once they fail to make payments for debts. This can create fear in a debtor. This form of extortion tends to attract different punishments unlike the ones above.

What are the punishments that extortion attract?

According to the law, extortion is considered as a crime which falls under Category B felony. There is restitution payment and punishments such as 1 – 10years imprisonment and a fine of around $10,000.


In the second form of extortion which involves creating fear in a debtor as explained above, the jail term can be reduced to 6years. When a defendant is charged with extortion and eventually gets convicted in a federal prison, the jail term can be two years (in federal prison).

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Can an extortion case be sealed?

Although this is possible, it will take about 5years after such case has come to an end. There are lots of paperwork involved in this process though. This is why trying to get an attorney to help ensure that such charges are dismissed is the best option you can explore. Please note that Nevada federal charges can’t be sealed.

How can an attorney help out?

When charged with extortion, the offender will not be convicted straightaway by the judge until the prosecutor has provided adequate evidence to show that such crime has been committed. This is where an extortion defense attorney comes in. Such a professional will device some strategies to fight the charges. These are:


  • Proving that the defendant never had any criminal intent
  • Proving that the offer made by the defendant was legitimate
  • Proving that the accusations made against the defendant were false


Once these strategies are used by an attorney to convince the judge, the extortion charges will likely be dropped.